Prusa i3 Auto-Level Troubleshooting

The solution to common problems, you are welcome to add yours!
You can also find a great troubleshooting guide here :

  1. The extruder skip some step (noise : click, click, click):
    Solutions :
    The extruder applies to much pressure on the filament and the extruder gear. Follow these steps :
    Capture d’écran 2015-10-17 à 20.52.57
    Also, this problem can be caused by a jammed nozzle.
    Check if the extruder gear is well screwed to the extruder motor.
    Make sure you have the correct extruder temperature:PLA: 200-220C ABS 220-235C
    Make sure the extruder’s motor is not too hot (for advanced builder: decrease Vmax).
  2. Z-axis: the corkscrews which rotate for the z-direction (up-down) sometimes get stuck and do not spin.Solution : 
    The rod needs to be lubricated. It will solve the problem. You can use any lubricant, but a PTFE lubricant is recommended.
    Make sure the nut is perpendicular to the rod. 

  3. The extruder does not rise high enough every time it starts a new level. The first layer on the heated board looks fine, but as it builds up, the extruder is touching the hot plastic and pushing/dragging it around. As the plastic cools, the extruder is trying to print on a very bump surface and then misaligns. 

    The factory upgraded the Z-axis rods, so probably the configuration of the ZRIB board don’t match the type of rod installed. Here is the way to modify it
     with Repetier host :

    1. open Repetier host .

    2. connect the printer 

    3. click “Config”

    4. select ” Firmware EEPROM Configulation “

    5. find the ” Z axis mm per step ” , if the swrew lead is 2 , it is 1600 ( Left on the picture )

    if the screw lead is 8 , it is 400 (right on the picture )


  4. Impossible to communicate with the Zrib board on Windows 8 and 10Solution (thanks to Jimmy):
    You will need to reinstall the drivers from FTDI:
    -Delete “FTDI.ini” for the computer
    -Download the drivers
    -Reinstall the drivers
    -Reboot the computerNote : You need to select the Baud Rate: 115200
    Capture d’écran 2015-09-18 à 12.00.42
  5. The SD card in empty
    The Factory don’t includes the files on the SD card anymore. You can download them form this link:
  6. Missing belt clip OR how does the x axis belt fasten?
    This is a new model for the extruder, so the instructions are not updated. You can secure the belt using a ty-warp (see picture).

    extruder-3belt clip

  7. The two ribbon cables from the screen they are  not marked nor on the instruction.
  8. The instruction to assemble the extruder are missing.
    Auto-level Installation
  9. There is no plug for the extruder’s fan.
    You will need to remove the plug and install is on the block terminal
  10. The Z-axis M8 lead screws are too short (see attached photos) and they can’t reach the top frame holes. They need to be 10mm longer (305mm long) to reach the top holes. Are they supposed to be shorter like that?
    Yes. When the rod was 305mm long, the rod touched the acrylic part and was noisy.