Melzi board V2 cable management (by Dave Desrosiers)

Do you want your Afinibot Prusa i3 to look professional? Dave Desrosiers found an amazing solution and wants to share it with the Electronicgeek’s community.

The result:


You needs:

4x M3x50
A lot of small tie-wrap (from the Dollorama for $3)
1x melzi_v2_cable_mgmt.stl
1x melzi_top.stl (available on thingiverse)
1x melzi_bottom.stl (available on thingiverse)

Dave explains how he did it:

I replaced the M3x30 bolt with M3x50, the bolt are a bit long when completed they interfere with the top cover, i would recommend cutting them to 45 mm,  i have 9mm of tread left after everything are all tighten.

Install the Cable mgmt against the acrylic, secure with nuts, i also used small washer. insert the provided white melzi spacers, then secure with nuts.

I have attached a diagram to explain how to run the wires, i found doing the wires from the top first easier, you might have to replace the tie-wrap when you do the bottom wires, got a bunch of small tie-wrap from the Dollorama for $3.

Once all cables are in place used the Melzi case bottom and the Melzi board and secure to the back two bolts, then you can start wiring the board, pull the cable over the green connector and cut about 10mm pass the connector, this should give you enough slack to strip the wire and do the connections, and when all completed it should just touch the x axis support frame.

for the 14 AWG wire i did not tie-wrap them on the cable mgmt, they were a bit short and are stiff to bend.

p.s. the melzi case i got from the web,thingiverse, the top need to be trim in the inside one of the top support is in the way of the ruban cable connector.”

Melzi Cable Mgmt diagram



IMG_0072 IMG_0074 IMG_0078   IMG_0070 IMG_0077 IMG_0083

A huge thanks to Dave Desrosiers for his contribution. If you liked what he has done, you can thanks him in the comments bellow 🙂

Note form Dave on the way to place the STL file on the board for printing:
cura1 cura2 cura3


4 thoughts on “Melzi board V2 cable management (by Dave Desrosiers)

  1. Was the melzi_v2_cable_mgmt.stl and the other parts printed on the Afinibot? Are they not too big for the 20x20cm print space?


    1. Yes, they were printed on the Afinibot, they had to be set diagonally, I think I changed the bed to 210mm to get the case printed.


  2. From the picture i see that your control board is mounted toward the rear of the printer. I do not have the auto-level model but it should not be that different. Mine is mounted toward the front of the printer as per the instructions. Will the box fit nonetheless?
    Is the temperature insde the box causing a problem. Mine is totally open and during printing the heat sink are getting in the 55 deg C range. So was wondering if the case would not require a fan of some kind?


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