Good to know before printing

3.1 Before your fist print, you need to calibrate the printer. The nozzle should be -+ 0,1mm from the bed when it’s at the “Z-home” position. It’s more or less the thickness of a sheet of paper, so you can make sure it’s at the right position if the paper sheet can slide between the nozzle and the bed, but when 2 sheets can’t.

3.2 Your first difficulties will be usually to make the PLA or ABS stick to the bed. The best trick is to spay hair spray before the print. Also, the nozzle should be really close from the bed.

3.3 It’s easier to start with PLA first. The learning curve is quite steep with 3D printing. ABS is more difficult to print and if you start with it, the situation might get frustrating… Built your skill with PLA printing, then I suggest to try ABS.

3.4 If you print mostly ABS, the bed temperature should be around 100-105C It’s faster to heat it if you add fiberglass insulation under the bed. Make sure you put a material that is fire resistant.

3.5 Suggested temperature:

PLA : Heated bed 60C and Extruder 190-200C Fan : 100%

ABS : Heated bed 100-105C and Extruder 210-220C Fan : 25-45%

3.6 Lubricant: you can use a “PTFE” lubricant such as this one:

The first layer is always difficult to stick to the plate for beginners, (I also struggled my first time) here are my tips:
1) make sure the fan that blow on the extruder tips is off for the first layer (it’s the side fan to cool the extruder that should be always on) You can program turn off the fan in the slice 3r settings.
2) for the first layer, the distance between the extruder tips and the bed should be less than 0.1mm. A sheet of paper should BARELY move between the extruder and the bed.
3) put hair spray on the bed before printing, it’s working really well!!!!
4) heat the bed to 70C

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