Case for ZRIB card

A simple case to give a professional look to your printer! 


1x case cover  link
1x case bottom link
1x raft link
Many x Cable ties
4x screw


Disclaimers: be always extra careful when you manipulate the board and the wire. It’s a good idea to plug the ZRIB board without using the case and test the printer’s electronic. You need +- 1 hours for this tutorial, and a lot of patience. is not responsible for the actions of the reader after reading this tutorial.

Step 1: Place all wire through the holes of the acrylic board


Step 2: Place the bottom case as shown on the picture. The wires ( from the left Z-motor, power supply, y-motor and y limit switch) should come out IN the case.


Step 3: Mark all the wire so you know where to plug them later


Step 4: Use the cable ties to fix all the cable on the “raft”. Note where the cable should comes out in order to connect them on the ZRIB board.



Step 5: Fix the “raft” on the bottom case and make sure the plug and cables comes out on the right side in order to be connected to the ZRIB board.


Step 6: Add the ZRIB board and connect all the wires.


Step 7: Add the case cover and you are done



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