1. Getting started (Afinibot Prusa i3)

Here are some tips that are good to know before starting the assembly:

  • The micro-SD card contains the assembly instructions. They are easier to read in PDF format. But it’s even better to use the picture on this blog with the comments of others builders.
  • All the tools needed are included in the box. However, an electric screwdriver such as the Mastercraft 4V Lithium Ion Screwdriver (http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/mastercraft-4v-lithium-ion-screwdriver-0542500p.html#.VXSC8-vBdN0) helps to decrease the assembly time.
    Do not use a regular drill, it will break the acrylic.
    Sans titre
  • It’s difficult to insert and hold the nut in the acrylic holes. You can use a magnet to hold the nut. Or you can also use the included needle nose pliers (thanks to David for the tips).
    Sans titre1


  • Don’t remove the blue tape on the bed (it helps the PLA and ABS to stick to the bed)



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